Dark Shadows

England hides a dark secret: A government breeding program, unethical scientists, mutants, and the one man who is driven to stop it all.

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The Inner Realms

A world apart; created out of the noblest intentions, by a fusion of magic and science. A paradise where a fairy story is reality. A haven of unparalleled beauty and tranquillity.  But evil is coming…

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The End of Atlantis

Atlantis is doomed. The cultured and sophisticated civilisation, celebrated throughout the ancient world, is about to fall.  The end of one legend, but the start of another.

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The end is nigh.  God has come and taken away his Chosen.  Xavier is a decent and honest man, who had never any time for religion.  For to turn your back on religion was fine, but to be given the brush-off by God, well, that’s another thing entirely.  And just what the Hell does he do now?

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