It’s here. The End of the World. And it’s not a zombie apocalypse or a nuclear war. God – or his emissaries – has come. Massive celestial arks have descended through the atmosphere, landing in all parts of the globe. Only the Chosen have heard the call. And the Chosen are the only beings that can penetrate the golden aura that surrounds the ships. Then, once the Chosen have boarded the arks, they lift off and depart. For Paradise awaits the faithful, and nothing can stop or alter this. Now they have been summoned home.

Xavier has always considered himself a reasonable human being. He is pleasant enough, well-meaning, hard-working and decent to others. He even gives to charity. But he has never had time for religion; it was something he never cared, or even much thought, about. He didn’t even know if that made him an agnostic or atheist. What’s more, he didn’t care.

So to find out that not only was God real, but that He had planned to visit for the second time, came as something of a shock. For, to not be bothered about or concerned with God is one thing, but to be given the brush-off by Him, is another matter entirely.


Despair and violence set in around the world, as people’s frustration and sense of loss set in; society starts to crumble and Xavier, along with the rest of the world that’s left, seeks to find out what will happen next , and what the Hell he can possibly he can do, for London, his home, is becoming a very dark, dangerous and disreputable place.

And there’s one more thing that needs considering: now that the Chosen have gone, there seems to be other things coming… things that aren’t human… or friendly… or peaceful. And Xavier has had an unpleasant thought. What if, when all those people – himself included – had thought, that: if God really was real, why didn’t He protect us from evil?… well, perhaps, the uncomfortable truth is… that He had.

And now that the Earth is open and unprotected… evil is coming. The gate is open and the door has just been unlocked.