Dark Shadows

Present day England has a secret.

A government organisation is making use of a specific breeding programme, developed in order to create beings with bewildering mutant abilities; weapons that can be used on the streets of England by the military or even by a clandestine department within the police force. Up until now, the mutants created have been used in select interventions, but the potential is there now for more wide scale deployment.

In his mid-thirties, Morgan is a man who has encountered mutants before, and has taken it upon himself to eliminate mutantkind. It becomes his obsession, as he feels compelled to fight for his cause, and struggle to overcome almost insuperable odds. He has faith in himself and his abilities, even though it becomes apparent that he really shouldn’t be able to win. But it isn’t just a desire to kill mutants – it’s more than that: he is driven to eradicate what he perceives as evil.

A young woman, rescued by him, becomes integral to the cause, even though she doubts its purpose. As the dangers grow, so do Morgan’s skills, and this in turn gives him cause to become uneasy. Just when he least expects it, help he does not seek or desire comes from an unexpected source.

But with success, comes loss…

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