The End of Atlantis

Atlantis is doomed. The cultured and sophisticated civilisation, celebrated throughout the ancient world, is about to fall.  The Maer knows it, but there are only a few he can convince to leave the security and sanctity of an empire full of tradition, power and a noble past and search the primitive rest of the world for a new home.

But Tor is one of them.

And although Atlantis will fall and the only heritage that outlives the catastrophe will be stories and myths, there will be hope for the scattered peoples, remnants of the grand and noble race who inhabited the island paradise, yet managed to flee the cataclysm.

For they remain as testament to the most advanced society the world has ever known.  And now they are disparate, dispossessed, desperate… and homeless. But as they seek to find a future, a life, a land of their own, they find themselves looking towards a young man with qualities even the Atlanteans can see as special.

On him all depends.  Out of the ashes of the once great and proud island nation there is the chance for something greater to rise.

The end of one legend, and the start of another.