The Inner Realms

A world apart; created out of the noblest intentions, by a fusion of magic and science. A paradise where a fairy story is reality. A haven of unparalleled beauty and tranquillity.

Untouchable… Untainted… Pure…

But somehow, someone, some…thing has found a way in. For good cannot exist without evil…

And evil is coming.

The Inner Realms is a fairy story.  But it’s a fairy story with brutality as well as beauty, murder as well as myth, serenity and sedition, contentment and corruption.  It’s a fairy story with the horror and despair of an idyllic past that looks like ending in a tragic future.

The young elf Pek has known only joy and peace all his life.  So to find that the preservation and protection of his world from the impending evil could rest with him comes as something of a shock.

It’s even more of a shock to find out that it’s what he was born for.

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