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By on Oct 10, 2014

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When you’re wondering where it all went

As the years roll on and life passes by

You think of the time that you spent

Putting all manner of things to one side


Looking at the past gives only grief

No experience can stay rational

You can’t fathom how it’s been too brief

Memories too scant and insubstantial


Recollection of a time gone by

Gives rise to feelings of pain and hurt

In solace you gaze at a distant sky

You wish you’d paid more attention at first


Now the endless dark yawns before you

And your mind has begun to tire and slow

The prospect of the eternal sleep

Makes you tremble as it’s now close you know


You feel the flush of numbness in limb

And you wonder if you can change your fate

Prayers to God, you should have gone to Him

Toppling forwards, spirit gone, now too late

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