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By on Jun 13, 2014

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Playing with the Devil


Steepled fingers and hooded brow

Cloaked face hidden in a cowl

Dark eyes soaked in devious malice

Venomous glance vile and callous.


Cards swiftly gathered then are dealt

Players hooked, sweet smoke is smelled

All gloomy and sinister shadows

Where demon muttering follows.


Players are all oblivious

Strain to gain insidious

Ultimate game where life is the prize

Eternity filled endless sighs.


The Devil plays the scheming game

Loser surrend’ring his name

Never could it have led to a win

Mortal soul drenched in mortal sin.


Game played out, the cards have spoken

Reaper now owns his token

None can deny a desp’rate outcome

Gambler looks up – the end has come.


Black pools of night draw his soul in

Hourglass spent, no more struggling

Body slumps forward, game is now through

The deck always stacked against you.


All hope has gone, no soul is left

Leaving the rest all bereft

The Devil wins loaded game of chance

Quits the table… no backwards glance.

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