Website Launched

By on Nov 1, 2013

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My brilliant and amazing friend Iain M Norman has given up his time and expertise for free to build me a site, I hope you all like it. It’s truly going to be wonderful once I’ve put some stuff on it.

Keep an eye out for news, poems, updates, book excerpts and more.


  1. Iain M. Norman

    November 28, 2013

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    That’s very nice of you to say so. I’m sure once you’re able to login you’ll become less gushing.

    • Richard Eborn

      December 5, 2013

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      Looking good John but there is a spelling error…”Keep and eye out…” should be “Keep an eye out” I believe!

  2. Richard Eborn

    December 5, 2013

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    More errors in your “About John” section also I am afraid…

    • John R. Ford

      December 6, 2013

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      I knew that – a bit premature in letting people know I was launching. I had intended to do more before I did – think I got carried away!

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